Konsthallen is one of the central art venues in the municipality of Varberg. A number of exhibitions are arranged here every year with the aim to show the regional art and handicraft. Seminars, workshops, talks and concerts form a natural part of our programmes.


The building Hamnmagasinet was built in 1874.This old warehouse has been preserved and makes out an important part of the harbour area today. The building contributes to an exciting and vivid cultural environment close to the city centre alongside the Fortress of Varberg, Kallbadhuset (an open air swimming bath) and Socitetsparken (a picturesque walking area).

Nowadays the warehouse has been transformed into a creative centre for arts, handicrafts and contemporary exhibitions. A ceramic workshop, a glassworks furnace room, a silver smith, a graphic workshop and an art gallery are all held inside this four-floor building. Many of the activities are open to the public all year around.

Information for exhibitors